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 Consumer Protection and Security Education

Security Education courses now offered for business users of online banking!

Did you know that cyber crooks are stealing as much as $1 billion per year from businesses?  Learn about educational training courses offered in this 2 ½ minute video

Click here
to view three short training courses on the following topics:

  • The Risk Background and Threat Landscape - cybercrime and protecting your organization from computer hackers
  • Risk Management and Reduction - tools and practices to help mitigate the risks of malware
  • Managing a Negative Event - typical cyber attacks and proper responses to malware and other threats
All three courses can be completed in approximately 45 minutes.
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New microchip-enabled credit cards may still be vulnerable to exploitation by fraudsters (10/08/15)

Client Reports of Phishing Attempts (10/02/14)

“Heartbleed” Flaw Update (04/16/14)

Target Stores Compromise Reported December 2013 (12/23/13)

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IRS Warns of Phone Scam (11/07/13)

Identity Theft Resources (9/9/13)

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Fraudulent Emails Appearing to Come from NACHA (12/04/12)

New Internet Scam 'Ransomware' Locks Computers, Demands Payment (09/04/12)

ATM/Debit Fraud Warning (09/04/12)

Better Business Bureau Issues Warning About Utility Bill Payment Scam (07/03/12)

Bradenton Police Department warns citizens of bank scam via text message. (04/12/12)

Information Security - FDIC Warns of Fraudulent E-Mail (02/21/12)

Warning: New Phishing Scheme (01/26/2012)

Online Dating Scams (10/17/11)

ATM Skimming Spree Investigated. Authorities Suspect Link to International Crime Ring (09/06/11)

Special Alert Fraudulent "ACH and Wire transfers" e-mails claiming to be from the FDIC are in circulation (07/19/11)

E-mails that claim to be from the FDIC are reportedly in circulation (06/03/11)

Fraud Alert: Emails claiming to be from Nacha continue.
    New phishing attempts spoof Federal Reserve Bank

Important Information for Our Debit Cardholders

FDIC Issues Special Alert on Deposit Insurance Email Scam (01/12/11)

Tips To Protect Yourself and Prevent Identity Theft

Safety Precautions For Use of ATMs and Night Depositories

There is no usage fee when you use your Gateway Bank debit card at any Presto ATM location!