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Would you like to access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on your deposits and earn interest at the same time? Now you can – through ICSSM, the Insured Cash Sweep® service.

ICS offers customers interest and flexibility while maintaining safety. You can place ICS funds into demand deposit accounts using the demand option, money market deposit accounts using the savings option, or both. With the demand option, you enjoy liquidity through the ability to make unlimited program withdrawals. With the savings option, you can make up to six program withdrawals a month.

Plus with ICS, you enjoy the convenience of banking directly with us, a bank you already know and trust. And you can access a Depositor Control Panel (DCP) online tool specially developed for ICS customers to accomplish many things, including monitoring your ICS account balances – so you can watch your money as it works harder for you.

Click here to access Depositor Control Panel (DCP).


There is no usage fee when you use your Gateway Bank debit card at any Presto ATM location!