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 Individual Retirement Accounts

Gateway Bank offers both traditional and Roth IRA accounts with balances invested in certificates of deposit. Each has different eligibility requirements and tax benefits, along with income limitations. For example, a traditional IRA offers tax benefits during income-producing years while a Roth IRA is funded with after tax income, but grows tax free.

Savings IRA

A Traditional IRA Savings account is a special savings plan authorized by the Federal Government to help you save money for retirement. Gateway Bank offers a Savings IRA product with tiered interest rates, and a minimum opening deposit of $1,000.00.

For more information, please visit any of our banking center locations or call us at 941-306-0100.  The information provided should not be considered as tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax advisor and/or attorney regarding your individual circumstances.


There is no usage fee when you use your Gateway Bank debit card at any Presto ATM location!