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 Switch with Confidence!

We recognize that moving your primary checking account can be challenging and time consuming.  That’s why your Gateway Bank Account Representative is prepared to assist you in the process like you’ve never experienced before.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1.  Open your new account at Gateway Bank.
Simply provide us with your current bank statement, and we will identify your automatic deposits and payments.

Step 2.  Sign an authorization form allowing Gateway Bank to assist in requesting payment transfers.
Our bankers will assist you every step of the way!  Most payment transfers can be made online and do not require any paperwork.  We will also enroll you in free online banking with bill pay. 

Step 3. Close your old accounts.
Most banks will close an account over the phone without the need to step into the branch.

Switch with Confidence! Guarantee

Gateway Bank is so confident that your transition will be handled smoothly and efficiently that we offer you our Switch with Confidence! Guarantee.  With this program the availability of your direct deposit is assured.  Gateway Bank guarantees accurate payment of your bills up to your direct deposit amount for the 60-day transition period.  If your current bank mishandles the switch, or if you incur any late fees on automatic payments, Gateway Bank will reimburse you 100%.  No other bank guarantees performance like Gateway!

Switch Kit Forms

There is no usage fee when you use your Gateway Bank debit card at any Presto ATM location!